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School plan

After closing the school on Friday 20th March we will be moving to partial closure, we will continue to be open to children
from families that work in the following sectors:

  • Police and emergency services
  • NHS worker
  • Lorry driver for distribution of essential goods
  • Education - schools, nurseries, daycare
  • Carer

Please log into your school gateway account and select the payment item Partial closure plan. You
then need to tick the consent box and send a comment specifying what sector you work in. If none are
applicable, please respond with an N/A so we can ensure that all parents have responded.
If you have not yet registered your school gateway account, please do so by downloading the
School Gateway app and registering using your email address and mobile phone number.
If you have any difficulties logging onto your school gateway account, please contact the school office.

Many thanks,
The School Office

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