Vision, Values and Ethos

Enabling our children to succeed now and in the future

At Rickley Park we are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be nurtured but challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners. 

We will empower our children to become respected citizens to enable them to make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future.

Rickley Park Primary School is a Cooperative Academy. This means we are a stand alone academy and not part of a multi academy trust. We have however embraced the cooperative key values;


We have the same chances. We have the same choices.
We know that everyone has something special to contribute.
We persevere and work hard, not because we are told to but because we want to improve.
We stick together for the good of all.
We look after ourselves, each other and our world by taking responsibility for our actions. We let everybody talk and have their say

We do understand however that not all children are born with the same chances and choices and therefore we work closely with more challenging and vulnerable children and their families to ensure that they too are given the best possible opportunities.  

In addition to this, we have some very simple expectations with regards to behaviour but acknowledge that some children need time and nurture (for a variety of reasons) to enable them to follow these rules;


Be responsible

Be safe

Be respectful

All staff are committed to a 'no shout' rule, unless it is to warn of immediate danger, and therefore we promote a culture of listening when there is a problem to resolve the issue for all. 


Learning ethos for 2018 and beyond

What are we trying to achieve at Rickley Park?

• An inclusive culture of trust, support and listening for all professionals and children alike
• Empowered teachers and other vital roles through professional learning and reflection
• An irresistible curriculum and learning environment for children to succeed and develop a thirst for learning
• Dialogue that informs future learning and assessment where no one is labelled or limited
How will we achieve it?

• Team work and trust
• Openness and reflection of evidence based and creative ideas
• Questioning, restlessness and humility
• Persistence and professional courage
• Support for risk taking
• Empathy offering mutual supportiveness.
What will this look like?

• An invigorating and enviable curriculum
• A child focused assessment system that removed linear expectations and points, making children real learners, not robots
• A purposeful performance management cycle than encourages risk taking and creativity
• Input from all stakeholders into the curriculum and assessment process
• A really embed programme of PSHE and nurture
• A team that works together, is willing to reflect on constructive commentary and keep children at the heart of all decision making
• A team that works hard but also plays hard, putting their own wellbeing at the heart of their priorities.
• Engaged children with a thirst for learning and a desire to be the best they can be in an uncertain but exciting world.