Staff roles and responsibilities:

Headteacher: Allison Collis

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning): Tim Bowers

Assistant Headteacher (Wellbeing and Welfare): Donna Taylor-Smith

Safeguarding Lead: Allison Collis

Safeguarding deputies: Gabbi Rossi, Donna Taylor-Smith and Nicole Miller

School Business Manager: Gill Ashley

Site Manager: Sue Rae


Phase leaders:

KS2: Tim Bowers (temporary until September 2018)

KS1: Audrey Moore

EYFS: Nicole Miller


SEN lead: Kat Rand

LAC Lead: Emily Bull

Wellbeing Lead: Jenny Shaw

SMSC Lead: Allison Collis

English Lead: Tim Bowers

Reading Lead: Fiona Simon

Phonics Lead: Emily Bull

Maths Lead: John Ellard

Pupil premium lead: Hannah Robertson

Science Lead: Ben Hammond

Humanities Lead: Adam Davey

Art Lead: Harriett Varney

Music Lead: Jeff Sewell

ICT Lead: Kathryn Williams

Sport Leads: Gavin Clark and Lee Grice

EAL Lead: Pam Ridley

More Able Lead: Jenny Shaw

School Council Lead: Audrey Moore

Y5 teacher: Angela Chilton

Y1 teacher: Hannah Paterson



Trish Hughes (KS1)

Natalie Rutherford (All phases)

Lisa Pye (All phases)


Learning Mentor: Gabbi Rossi

SEN support: Katy Parry

Phonics specialist teacher: Ann Marie Shirley

Speech and Language specialist support: Julie Knight


Receptionist: Helen Walters

Data admin support: Emma Berry

Finance Officer: Sharon Gaughan


Teaching assistants:

to follow....