Sports Funding

Sports funding was introduced by the Government in September 2013.  The purpose was to provide primary schools with additional money to support them in developing Physical Education in schools and build an Olympic Legacy.

We take sports provision very seriously here at Rickley Park and we have a team of 2 excellent teachers who develop talent across all year groups. We also have excellent links with the local College, meaning that new teaching talent is utilised here too. We have a vision of being a World Class sports provider in the coming years and we are currently working on the Sports Gold Mark. 


Sports premium 2019 – mid-year review meeting
Monday 29th April 2019 11am

Attendees: Gav Clark (PE teacher)
Lee Grice (PE teacher)
Gill Ashley (Business Manager)
Allison Collis (Headteacher)

Targets discussed for 2019-20:

To raise the % of children meeting the national curriculum requirements by Y6
To enable all staff to receive quality CPD in the areas of PE and Wellbeing
To increase the range of opportunities available to all children (consider a ‘Fun Friday’ concept)



Targets 2018-19 are:

To increase the range of opportunities for all children across school

To ensure quality CPD is accessed by PE staff

To increase participation of all abilities

Total spend for 2018-19: £19,590 plus £10,000 from last year brought forward = £29,590
Total remaining: £5590

Target 1 update: To increase the range of opportunities for all children across school

Floodlights installed to enable later play on the pitch after school in winter

Morning 8.30 activities available to all and vary each day from running, to aerobics and dancing

Lunchtime activities run by PE team - also varied

After school activities increased - various

Increased students from MK College meaning more children can take part in new events


Target 2 update: To ensure quality CPD is accessed by PE staff

PE team already have many strong qualifications, significantly more than other local schools

CPD attended, but not always stretching the team - in fact sometimes the team end up leading training sessions themselves!

Need to seek more specific advanced training to expand our provision from September 2019

Target 3 update: To increase participation of all abilities

B and C teams created

Festivals for SEN children attended and organised

More girls football teams created of all abilities

Spring 2 data
Events 17
Overall chn participated 190

So far for the year:
Events 61
Number of different chn participated (KS1 and KS2) 181 (50%)

Morning Activity - 8.30am

Average attendance 120


Focus for remaining spend after review:

CPD on mental health and wellbeing for PE team so that we can expand the PE provision offer to a more wellbeing session

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