At Rickley Park, year on year improvements are expected, however this depends on individual cohorts and children's needs, as all children learn differently and have different barriers to achieving their potential. A comparison to how we perform in the local area can be accessed below; 

Rickley Park worked hard last year to ensure teacher assessment was improved so that future progress scores are accurate and truly reflect children's achievements. We have now introduced PiXL assessment into our work which is enabling us to raise standards and focus on increasing our combined scores at the end of KS2. 


Bletchley Schools work closely together with a priority of raising local attainment in English and Maths. Results across Far and West Bletchley are very similar in 2018, both in individual subjects and as a combined score and a current analysis is underway on the similar reading results that were achieved.

Rickley Park also hosts the Far Bletchley Writing moderation across all year groups every January.  All schools are welcome to attend. 

Our next meeting is Wednesday 31st January 2019.


Please see below our results for 2018


Celebrations (summary) 2018

EYFS GLD is above the national average - amazing achievement considering baseline assessments are low

Increase in Maths attainment at the end of KS1

Phonics % is at National average - a great achievement considering starting points

Increase in Writing attainment at the end of KS2

Disadvantaged pupils achieve significantly above the national data in writing at the end of KS2

Rickley Park boys and girls exceeded National Greater Depth % at the end of KS2

Our disadvantaged children scored higher than our non disadvantaged children in KS2 reading


What we need to do now

Raise attainment overall at the end of KS2, especially in reading

Increase the combined attainment at the end of KS2

Increase disadvantaged achievement in all areas

Focus on mid prior attainers