Advert Nursery Sept 2021v2


 Our Nursery ethos

We believe passionately that each child, with differing needs, family backgrounds and interests, should be loved and supported as they grow.

We know that children will thrive best in their learning if they feel emotionally secure, so we work very hard to promote warm friendships with staff and other children and to offer plenty of creative opportunities to learn through play. If children are happy they will want to explore the environment on offer to them. We build in boundaries that fit in with the rest of the school such as being responsible for our nursery, respectful of each other and our equipment and to be safe by for example walking indoors. 

Children should embrace their surrounding environment so we take children for walks in the school grounds, have snack in nice weather at the story logs, visit places such as Howe Park Woods, Thrift Farm or Frosts Garden centre. The environment is used as another ‘teacher’ set out in a holistic and heuristic way. We make sure our outside area is as inviting as inside and allow our children to free flow between both areas. We use photos, real items such as magnets and observe our children exploring, allowing mistakes which makes them resilient but in turn feeds their creativity, imagination and emotional intelligence.

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We are currently unable to do Nursery tours but have created a virtual one for you to enjoy.