Our Curriculum

We are in the process of redesigning our curriculum to embrace the Characteristics of Effective learning that is evident in the Early Years Curriculum. Children in years 1-6 have experimented with a continuous provision style of learning in the afternoons this year whereby they have an element of choice in what they learn. There are projects, investigations and most of all play - the biggest contributor to learning. We it our 'curiousity curriculum'.

Our Y6's learn about buoyancy through water play, our Y3 and Y4 learn about Rain forests through art and music and our Y2's have an outdoor learning area. We believe that this is how education should be!

We want to create life long learners who are independent and curious and we are designing our new style afternoons to develop these skills. Our teachers are reflective practitioners and we lead by example - encouraging our children to do the same. 

Our sports provision is also amazing, with 3 highly skilled and able PE staff and state of the art facilitates, we have ambitions to become the Bletchley Primary Hub for PE and sport. We work closely with the local college, supporting aspiring coaches and enjoying everything they have to offer. 


Principles of the Rickley Park 'Curiousity Curriculum' 2018

 High Expectations

• Children can talk about own learning strengths and weaknesses, and are supported to set regular goals for learning.
• Teachers take risks, set ambitious challenges and encourage a culture of great learning in their classrooms
• Teachers regularly reflect on their teaching and adapt learning techniques to ensure the best possible learning experience and progress.

Learning to Learn

• The Characteristics of effective learning form the basis of all learning activities
• A curiosity for learning is embedded
• Resilience, perseverance and resourcefulness are actively encouraged and developed
• E-learning approaches and research based learning is progressively evident to open new ways of learning as well as supplement traditional teaching

Cultural Diversity

• Learning opportunities reflect the school’s cultural diversity in the local community and nationally
Inclusion • Classroom and school learning activities actively ensure gender, ethnicity or physical/learning disabilities are not impacting on progress or participation
• Children have opportunities to interact with and learn about a diverse range of people, both historical and present.

Community Engagement

• The curriculum engages the support of parents and local businesses in determining suitable contexts and resources for learning
• Learning incorporates a value of giving back to the local community and further afield, through charity work, environmental impact understanding and volunteering etc


• Planning evidences the development of previous learning , and is responsive to opportunities for cross-curricular linkage
• Learning prepares children for future learning and future learning pathways

Future Focus

• Future focused issues are used as a rich source of learning opportunity
• Children are engaged in investigations or projects to test their theories and solutions, encouraging problem solving and creativity – skills that are required for a 21st centrury world of work.



Core Subjects:

We teach 'talk 4 writing'   www.talk4writing.co.uk/  (see below for year group overviews)

We have adopted Maths Mastery and use Maths No Problem   https://mathsnoproblem.com/ although we are changing to Power Maths in September 2019

We have recently reviewed how we teach reading in KS2  to encourage a love for reading (see READ information below)

We use accelerated reader from Y2

We use a combination of Read, Write Inc and Letters and Sounds to teach phonics 


Non Core Subjects:

We have strong links with Bletchley Park and our computing curriculum is influenced by this.  bletchleypark.org.uk/

We have enrichment afternoons for children with higher potential  

Y5 children participate in Forest School activities.   http://www.theparkstrust.com/education/forest-school-1

Y4 and Y6 children have the opportunity to go on an overnight residential  www.caldecottexperience.org.uk/school-groups.html

Y6 undertake independent study programmes linked to their own personal interests

We offer music tuition for all in a wide variety of instruments

We are experimenting with an online language programme to give children wider access to a variety of languages rather than just one.


After School curriculum:

We have a wide variety of after school clubs on offer for all age ranges, including;

A huge selection of sports provision





Reading club

Homework club

Spanish (EYFS)