About Us

In 2017, Rickey Park relaunched itself with a new logo designed by the children and a new slogan 'cracking the code of learning together' which reflects our close proximity and partnership with the famous Bletchley Park. In the same year, Rickley Park acquired a new leadership team - an experienced Headteacher who joined us in September 2017, two new Assistant Heads who started in April 2018 and new core subject leads - all with a passion to raise standards and provide a world class curriculum. They work closely alongside a very committed Governing Body who challenge and support the team to ensure that all children receive a quality broad and balanced education.

For long term impact, these things take a little time and whilst we work daily to ensure that teaching is amazing, the curriculum is enviable and our children are respectful, responsible and safe - we will strive to ensure that each child's needs are met and overall standards will improve over time. Quick wins are great but Rickey Park deserves a longer term vision in order to achieve sustained excellence.

The best evidence of a great school of course is talking to the children - their attitudes to learning are fantastic and they love coming to school! Parents talk about the new curriculum being so exciting that children now come home and share what they are learning with enthusiasm and confidence. Good mental health is also our priority - however, this does not mean being happy all the time. Experiencing negative emotions is part of life and dealing with these effectively is what having a good mental health is all about. We are committed to supporting children through all situations and ensuring that they have the strategies to deal with these now and in later life. We have three learning mentors in school who support children with social and emotional issues, to enable our children to succeed at conflict resolution, now and in later life. 


This is a great school - and we are proud to be one wonderful family of learners. 

Welcome to something special.